R. Philip Guillery

Systems Integrity Director, Forest Stewardship Council


Phil Guillery is the new FSC Systems Integrity Director from March 2011. He is responsible for the development of a traceability system within the FSC’s chain of custody certification. Mr. Guillery also coordinates the work on the Modular Approach Program (MAP) - standards aimed at allowing forest management operations to progress towards FSC certification in a stepwise fashion. This new position has been created to enhance the credibility of FSC certification and trademarks while supporting the need for increased and equitable access to FSC certification.


Mr. Guillery has been involved with FSC since 1997.  He participated in the development of the FSC national standards and numerous FSC policies, managed an FSC Group certificate, lead forests and CoC audits, and served on the FSC-US Board for seven years. He also worked as a consultant to forest management operations and CoC certificate holders, contributing to forest certification and the development of supply chains for FSC products. Mr. Guillery worked for communities, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector on a wide range of projects in Asia, the Pacific, Europe, Africa and North America.