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Group Certification



Dovetail Partners engages with group certification initiatives and helps small, large, public and private organizations develop group forest management and group chain-of-custody programs. If you have questions about group certification or would like more information, contact us.


In its standard form, forest certification involves evaluating a single operation, whether it is a single landowner, land manager, or forestry company. However, there are also situations where a certification assessment involves a number of landowners, managers, or businesses. The certification of more than one independently owned operation under a single shared certificate is called group certification.


Group certification is a mechanism for achieving economic and operational efficiencies by issuing a single certificate for a pool of participants. Group certification is used in both forest management certification as well as chain-of-custody certification. A common example of forest management group certification is when a consulting forester holds and manages a certificate on behalf of a group of his or her clients. With chain-of-custody group certification, small business owners share a single certificate that collectively applies to their individual operations and products.



Case Studies in Certification

These brief case studies were developed by the Upper Mississippi Forest Certification Group with the support of the McKnight Foundation.