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Habitat For Humanity of Minnesota

Recognizing that energy efficiency and healthy homes fit well with their mission, Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota has made a commitment to incorporating green building into their home building practices. Beginning with a grant from the Enterprise Foundation, HFH-MN set out to build ten green homes according to the Green Communities building standards with the Minnesota Overlay. Each home considers basic sustainable building attributes such as stormwater control, healthy indoor air quality, water conservation, material durability, and energy efficiency, all within the realm of affordability. Part of Habitat’s commitment to green is to create a framework to make green building easy for their affiliates and to provide education to affiliates, volunteers, and homeowners about green building.


Since 2007, Dovetail has collaborated with Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota to help support their green building initiative, including the adoption of green building practices and increased use of local materials. Besides pounding nails, Dovetail has provided advice on green building design, assisted in educating statewide affiliates, and facilitated design charrettes to help projects meet the Minnesota Green Communities standards. Dovetail is also in the process of reviewing Habitat’s green education curriculum and is providing feedback on the green homeowner’s manual, which will become a helpful resource for maximizing a “green” home’s potential once a family has moved in. Dovetail will continue to be an educational resource for Habitat for Humanity, and hopes to more deeply incorporate the Minnesota-Made Home concept to a project in 2010.


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