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Leech Lake Tribal College EcoAffordable House



The carpentry program at Leech Lake Tribal College in Cass Lake, MN is searching for a homebuyer who is interested in purchasing a student built EcoAffordable home. EcoAffordable is defined as a home that is sustainable both in its energy consumption and price. Materials used during construction of the home will seek to meet certifiable green product requirements. The home will be built on the LLTC campus and seeks to utilize green building practices.


LLTC's accredited carpentry program has a long standing history of providing affordable housing to low income homebuyers on both the Leech Lake and Red Lake Reservations in northern Minnesota. Through the EcoAffordable House program LLTC hopes to provide an added value to its students and homebuyers by offering services with a "green" technology approach.


To view additional information regarding the project please download the LLTC Eco-house Specifications PDF. The PDF contains more detailed information pertaining to specifications, price, customer/client responsibility and how to apply.



Green Design Elements


  • Air exchange system
  • Tankless water heater
  • Solar furnace/passive solar heating & cooling
  • Low VOC products
  • Cement or steel siding
  • Steel roof
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) rated wood
  • Attic R-Value 56 or better
  • Wall R-Value 25+ or better
  • Renewable finishing products - no carpet
  • Windows and doors with low-E glass, low-U factor, low solar gain coefficient ratings
  • Locally produced and low embodied energy materials



Contact Info.


Rochell Carpenter - Carpentry Instructor

Leech Lake Tribal College

Phone: 218-335-4287