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Directory provided by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development


The maps below were created in an effort to localize purchasing of building materials, in much the same way that local purchasing has gained traction with food. They include locations of materials that are made in Minnesota and can be purchased locally. They were created in concert with a Dovetail report titled: Minnesota-Made Building Materials.







Click and drag the maps to view all of the sites. To get more information about a site, click on its marker. A window will appear that states the site's name, location, website link and the materials that can be found there. Sites marked with a small black dot are those which we do not have information regarding where they source raw materials and/or manufacture their finished product.


If you know of a site that you would like to see added to this map, please contact us.


The following two PDF attachments correspond to the companies depicted. The PDFs include each company, the products they sell and their contact information.




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