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Today, choosing locally-grown food is easier thanks to an increased supply and higher levels of consumer education. The same awareness and ease of information has not yet found its way into the building materials sector. With green building programs such as LEED and Minnesota GreenStar giving preference to local materials, consumer desire to decrease carbon footprints, and the rising costs of transportation, the demand for local building materials is fast on its way.


Much like choosing local produce from your supermarket, the Minnesota-Made Homes will be built using the closest available building products from Minnesota in an effort to make local building easier. Building locally not only decreases the negative environmental impacts associated with long-distance transportation and other processes, it also increases the local economic benefits. This project aims to further engage local communities to take advantage of the resources in their own backyard and pave the path toward local building by providing tools and guidance for future projects. Minnesota-Made Homes will provide significant community benefit and continue to expand the impacts of green building and thoughtful design as economic development tools in Minnesota’s rural communities.


The Minnesota-Made houses will utilize building products that are extracted from or manufactured in Minnesota. The objective is to construct a house made from as near to 100% Minnesota materials as possible. These homes will encompass the goals and green attributes of the Eco-Affordable Housing Program as well, ensuring that they are energy-efficient, easily replicable, and affordable for someone in the community to purchase.



Minnesota-Made Homes Goals


  1. Identify local building products and make them more accessible to green builders and communities,
  2. Enhance local economic development by choosing Minnesota materials that are closest to the project site, and
  3. Provide tools and information to support locally-built home projects.




Interactive Map: Minnesota Building Materials


Interactive Map: Minnesota-Made Materials


Dovetail Report: Green Building Materials - Made in Minnesota