What is the Fire Adapted Communities (FAC) Learning Network?



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The FAC Learning Network is a national network of partners working to promote wildfire risk assessment, risk reduction, and wildfire safety. It seeks to reduce wildfire risks for individuals and communities by providing education, access to information and expertise. The Network encourages communities to become fire adapted in order to reduce wildfire risks and protect valuable assets.


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What is a Fire Adapted Community?


Fire Adapted Communities are ones that take responsibility for ensuring the protection of their residents, infrastructure, natural areas and assets from wildfire risk. To become fire adapted, communities take actions to address wildfire threats specific to their location and risk conditions. These actions are implemented using tools created by federal and state agencies. The more actions a community takes, the more fire adapted it becomes.


At a minimum, community's fire adapted plans should address the following three plans and programs:


  1. A Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP): A CWPP is a plan that maps community assets at risk of wildfire threats and lists risk reduction actions that may be taken. Creation of CWPPs is a collaborative process involving various parties such as fire departments, residents, state and local forestry staff, land managers and community leaders.  
  2. Firewise Communities/USA: This program focuses on homeowners and the steps they can take to reduce wildfire threats on their property and surrounding neighborhood.  
  3. Ready, Set, GO!: This program focuses on education of fire departments and their role in educating the public for wildfire preparation.



How is Dovetail involved in the FAC Learning Network?


Dovetail Partners serves as the FAC Hub Coordinator for the Upper Midwest and is involved in assisting with community-driven wildfire risk reduction efforts in the region. Dovetail is involved with data compilation, analysis of existing programs and partnerships, and working with partners to develop future strategies for program implementation and partnership growth. On-the-ground FAC efforts to date have included hosting community FAC and Firewise workshops, Demo Days, and Chipper Days in Ely, MN; presentations at Ely township meetings, road/lake association meetings/picnics, and volunteer fire department meetings; and providing residents with relevant information at public events such as the Ely Farmers Market.  The following video tells more about our work in Ely, MN.


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