Deep Portage Learning Center



Deep Portage is a non-profit residential environmental education and outdoor recreation center. Open to the public, it is a place where community, education, and the environment come together. Hiking trails, an interpretive center, and educational programming are available year round. The facility is located on 6,307 acres of glacial hills, lakes, rivers, and bogs in Cass County in north- central Minnesota.


Deep Portage relied on propane to heat its buildings back when it was inexpensive, but when propane prices began to steadily rise, management began to seriously consider switching fuel sources. In the winter of 2009, the cost of propane rose to $2.14 per gallon. As Deep Portage’s Executive Director Dale Yerger explains, “Propane is a commodity that bounces all over in price, and this great variability makes it very hard for us put together a five-year plan.”


After careful thought, it was decided to purchase two wood gasifiers to heat the main lodge and three energy centers and to provide domestic hot water for Deep Portage.


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