Responsible Materials



Dovetail creates and supports incentives that recognize the full spectrum of ecological attributes found in the forest and the social benefits provided by these forests.


Dovetail has developed a "Responsible Materials Initiative" to provide and summarize information about available materials in a manner that best aids organizations and individuals in making sound and sustainable choices that they fully understand. There is a need to transform forest-based industries that are currently limited by a reliance on the traditional industrial model, which focuses on commoditization and lowest unit cost, to a new paradigm that concentrates on markets and products.



What is a "Responsible Material" Anyway?


The United States is the greatest consuming nation the world has ever known, with access of many of its citizens to conveniences of daily living at levels well above those of kings and princes of antiquity. Overall, the proportion of global consumption accounted for by the United States is four to five times higher than the U.S. proportion of global population. The U.S. is also a massive net importer of both raw materials and finished goods, causing in the process substantial impacts to the landscapes and environments of other nations. In view of the high global impact of U.S. consumption, it is worth considering how Americans as individuals and organizations can make sound and sustainable choices.


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