Using Biomass in Minnesota



Biomass heating is gaining ground across the country as an alternative to current fossil fuel based methods. Over the past few years and as energy prices rise, renewable fuel sources have begun looking more promising as a way to create jobs, boost the economy, and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.  Benefits of utilizing biomass fuel sources include a more stable supply and price when compared to petroleum based fuels, resulting in cost beneficial heating operations. Additionally, when compared to fossil fuels, biomass fuels produce less air and water pollution, are more likely to be locally available, and are renewable, making them an environmentally friendly choice

in many places.


Below is a set of biomass fuel case studies that Dovetail Partners has compiled of sites located throughout Minnesota. The sites include public and privately owned buildings, ranging from a lumber mill, to an environmental learning center, and greenhouse operations. Each site utilizes biomass in a slightly different manner, specific to its location and site-specific needs. The case studies dive into funding and operating details, explaining each site’s challenges as well as the pros and cons of biomass heating systems.


Case Studies




For more case studies and additional information, visit:

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