Food From the Neighborhood

Lead Author: Janet Bratkovich

Publish date: 11.15.2011


This research report introduces young readers to the theory of urban agriculture, delving into what it is, how it has been implemented in the past and present, and possibilities for its future growth - including the combination of agriculture and architecture.


Where does our food come from?  We go to the grocery store and it’s always there, but where do the stores get our food?  Oh, food is grown on farms, but where are these farms?  Do you ever see them?  Why are some of them so far away?  Do you think we could grow our food closer to home?  What would that look like?


We used to think of farms as always being in the country, but new ways of growing food are being developed all the time to provide nutrition people need.


New ways of thinking are evident everywhere, including the areas of energy, forestry, architecture, landscape design, urban planning, engineering, and transportation to name a few.  New approaches to agriculture are also being explored. This report is about urban agriculture – the idea of growing more food in cities and towns.


This report is a young student re-write of another Dovetail Report entitled: "An Introduction to Urban Agriculture: Past, Present, and Future".