Green Marketing – Growing Sales in Growing Markets

Lead Author: Dr. Jeff Howe

Publish date: 10.25.2010


In 2005 Dovetail published an article about the fundamentals of marketing. In it we suggested that an understanding of the basics of marketing is as fundamental to business success as is the recognition that “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” is to life.  For green marketing the fundamentals are doubly important.


The key to green marketing is recognizing that first and foremost it is not about GREEN but about “marketing” and all the conditions of satisfaction around a good marketing program apply in spades here.  In addition, for many companies trying to participate in the “green economy” green marketing may be the first time they truly attempt to introduce a new product or address an entirely new market.  In both these cases utilizing good marketing processes and skills is essential to success.  In a recent Dovetail Report, “Marketing as a process – Not Voodoo,” we suggested a process by which an organization can coordinate its marketing activities, enhancing the likelihood of a programs success.  In this current article we attempt to provide the reader with the fundamentals necessary to utilize that process to enter into the fast growing and exciting green marketplace. For many organizations the effort can be transformative for the organization’s market success, and may also trigger a cultural shift of dynamic proportions.