Green Marketing Implementation

Lead Author: Dr. Jeff Howe

Publish date: 01.19.2012


A Call to Action


In 2010, Dovetail Partners published a Green Marketing article titled, “Growing Sales in Growing Markets[1].” The article pointed out that for many companies trying to participate in the “green economy” green marketing might be the first time they truly attempt to introduce a new product or address an entirely new market.  That same year we also published “Marketing as a process – Not Voodoo[2] ,” which suggested a process by which an organization can coordinate its marketing activities to enhance the likelihood of a program’s success.


Herein we address “Green Marketing Implementation” and recommend some important activities that are essential to a program’s success.  We also provide several publicly available examples of how organizations have addressed the sometimes-confusing product adoption process.


The most important takeaway from this report is that there is a critical sequence of events that needs to occur for a successful marketing outcome that results in revenue growth.  Activities that occur “out-of-sequence” are the cause of unnecessary or excessive expenditure of resources and often lead to an all-too-common focus by the customer on price as the only product attribute of merit. In this report we suggest some simple guidelines—the 3-Ms, 4-Ps, and 5-Ss of marketing—as a means to optimize your resources and maximize the effectiveness of your marketing activities.



[1] Available here

[2] Available here