Greening a Company

Lead Author: Dr. Jim Bowyer

Publish date: 09.28.2012


A Case Study of Cities Management, Inc.


How did Cities Management, a 30-year-old property management company in Minneapolis, increase its profitably to 10-18% in a industry that typically averages 3-6% and realize annual cost savings of $4,300 per employee? By instituting green business practices company-wide, beginning with simple steps like recycling and more efficient use of paper, and that ultimately created a culture that values sustainability. In “going green” not only did Cities Management improve its use of resources, recognize significant cost savings and reduce employee turnover, but it also led to the development of new products for its customers. This report shares the steps that Cities Management took — and shows how your organization might also take action to improve the environment and the bottom line.


In 2008, Dovetail Partners examined how a company might go about reducing its environmental footprint by “greening” its product line. In that article we suggested that as more companies begin to focus on environmental performance and seek a competitive advantage based on reduced environmental impact, firms that have not yet begun to consider their environmental impacts risk losing both market share and profit potential. Companies that overlook opportunities to improve environmental performance may also be missing out on less tangible benefits such as employee morale and performance, company credibility, and an ability to recruit and retain high quality individuals.