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Financing Woody Biomass Clusters: Barriers, Opportunities and Potential Models for the Western U.S.

Adam Zoet

Responsible Materials2013 DovetailBiomassReportAppendixA0513.pdf | DovetailBiomassReportAppendixB0513.pdf | DovetailBiomassReportwithoutAppendices0513.pdf | DovetailBiomassReport0513.pdf | DovetailBiomassReportExecutiveSummary0513.pdf | DovetailBiomassReportAppendixC0513.pdf | JohnDayCaseStudies.pdf | RSU74CaseStudy.pdf | ORARNGCaseStudy.pdf
The Next 100 Years of Forests in the U.S. - Growing the Forests We Want and Need

Kathryn Fernholz

Sustainable Forestry2013 DovetailUSForests0313.pdf
An Examination of Wood Recycling Provisions in North American Green Building Programs

Jim Bowyer

Responsible Materials2013 DovetailGreenBldg0213.pdf
Pushing Passive House Forward

Alyssa Tope

Responsible Materials2013 DovetailPassiveHouse0113.pdf
Barriers and Opportunities for Post-construction Wildlife Monitoring at Wind Energy Facilities in the Great Lakes Region

Sarah Stai

Responsible Consumption2012 DovetailWindWildlife1112.pdf
Environmental Product Declarations: What? Why? How?

Wayne Trusty

Responsible Materials2012 DovetailEPD1012.pdf
Utilization of Harvested Wood by the North American Forest Products Industry

Jim Bowyer

Sustainable Forestry2012 DovetailWoodUtilization1012.pdf
Greening a Company

Jim Bowyer

Organizational Development2012 DovetailCMI92512.pdf
Growing Forests for Water

Kathryn Fernholz & Madeline Vargo

Sustainable Forestry2012 DovetailForestsForWater0912.pdf
Innovative Approaches to Municipal Stormwater Management

Matt Frank & Madeline Vargo

Responsible Consumption2012 DovetailStormwaterMgmt0712.pdf