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Report TitleAuthorProgram AreaYear
Urban Tree Utilization and Why It Matters

Dr. Steve Bratkovich

Responsible Consumption2008 DovetailUrban0108ig.pdf
Green Building Programs in the U.S.: A Review of Recent Changes Related to Designation of Environmentally Preferable Materials

Jim Bowyer & Alison Lindburg

Responsible Materials2008 DovetailGrnBld0508sj.pdf
Greening Your Product Line - Where to Start

Dr. Jim Bowyer

Responsible Materials2008 DovetailGreenProd0108sc.pdf
Portland Cement as a Construction Material: How Does It Compare to Wood, Steel?

Dr. Jim Bowyer

Responsible Consumption2008 DovetailConcrete0808a.pdf
Forest Certification Update: The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Matthew Wenban-Smith

Sustainable Forestry2008 DovetailFSCupdate0608eg.pdf
TIMOs & REITs: What, Why, & How They Might Impact Sustainable Forestry

Kathryn Fernholz

Sustainable Forestry2007 DovetailTIMOREIT0507wo.pdf
Forest Certification in the Tropics: Is the glass half full or half empty?

Matthew Wenban-Smith

Sustainable Forestry2007 DovetailTropCert0307jm.pdf
Forest Certification and Mutual Recognition: What is involved and what does it imply?

Matthew Wenban-Smith

Sustainable Forestry2007 DovetailMutRec0207tp.pdf
Reinventing the Hardwood Industry: One Company at a Time

Dr. Jeff Howe

Organizational Development2007 DovetailReinvent0107bry.pdf
Global Warming: Why Reducing Fossil Fuel Use is Essential Regardless of the Outcome of the Climate Change Debate

Dr. Jim Bowyer

Responsible Consumption2007 DovetailGlobalWarm0307ul.pdf